Sunday, 26 June 2011

A few weeks ago I, Jacqui, sent out an emergency appeal for assistance for one of our Wednesday members, Esnart. The response was overwhelming. I cannot tell you how much it meant to all of us who visited her last Wednesday; we felt like a group of Guardian Angels thanks to all of you. The photos tell the story though I will give a brief description to explain more comprehensively.

As we unloaded all of your kind donations Esnart's eyes just filled with tears until she started crying. It was such a good feeling doing what we have been called to do - on that day we collectively improved the lives of a family of God's most needy. She now has more than enough blankets and bedding for the family, lots of food to tide her over, a gel stove, toys for the children, clothes for them all and some money. We all know that it will not last forever but I will work closely with Queenie to see how we can make an impact in the longer term. For now, Esnart's family is warmer, better fed, and a little happier with life thanks to you all.

Jacqui's husband's car brimming with donations - pic on right above

Bec (on the right) is an SVDP member working here but based in Australia - with her is a friend out from Australia.

The outside of Esnart's shack. As you can see, there is space to increase its size within her plot.

This is the extent of the shack inside - I took this photo from the doorway. There is one double bed for six people and no cupboard within which to store to hang things. The shack has lots of holes in it which let in the cold and the rain. This is definitely an area we can help to improve for her.

The giant hedgehog on the bed is courtesy of Bryan Rix!!

Thank you very very much to the anonymous donor who generously donated this wheelchair to Gift, who is deaf and blind.

Until now, his mother and other family members have had to carry him each day to a taxi rank to take him to the nearby disability therapy care centre, Bona Lesedi. She gratefully and thankfully accepted this wheelchair that will now make a huge difference to the lives of everyone in the family.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sophie has a practical means of transporting her food and blanket!
Sophie and Queenie
Lies and Cathy trying to make food parcels go the extra mile for two desperate residents of Diepsloot we met today.

whilst Mum sorts out food and blankets, the children do what children do best- play

warm and enjoying it!