Saturday, 29 January 2011

Craft Classes anyone? - Annette de Vries is a creative and dedicated volunteer who has marvelous skills and ideas for designing various crafts. She has started a craft class every Saturday at our container in Diepsloot. Here we have a great turnout of 8 willing candidates learning to sew and knit together. We wish all who are involved in this project much success and hopefully rolling out items for sale in the near future.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

For a number of years now the Bryanston Conference of SSVP has gratefully used one Bona Lesedi‘s containers at their premises in Diepsloot as a food distribution depot. Due to expansion and changes within Bona Lesedi’s organisation it became necessary for SSVP – Bryanston to acquire their own container to store food for distribution from this well established position in Diepsloot. Fortunately Bona Lesedi allowed us precious space to keep our new container at their premises. The process of sourcing, purchase and acquisition of the said container began in mid-2010. It has been a slow process due to a number of hurdles along the way such as quoting most reasonable prices on various sized containers, availability, price increases and decisions thereof, site preparation and changes of situation, delivery co-ordination, quoting for installation of door and windows with sufficient burglar proofing and so on.

Our next steps are to install blinds or curtains and Prepare it for primer where needed and painting in the SSVP light blue colour together with a SSVP logo sign riveted on the side.

Thanks to Absolute Containers for their support of our outreach program by discounting the price of the container.